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Common Tennessee Fish Species Questions

What kind of fish can be caught in Tennessee?

Tennessee offers a diverse array of fish species in its lakes and rivers, including popular game fish such as largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, crappie, catfish, and trout. Platinum Fishing Guides, being well-versed in the local fishing scene, can guide anglers to prime locations and help them target these coveted fish species for an unforgettable fishing experience in Tennessee.


How many fish species are in Tennessee?

Tennessee is home to an impressive variety of fish species, with over 340 different types documented in its lakes and rivers. Platinum Fishing Guides, equipped with extensive knowledge and experience, can provide invaluable guidance and expertise in targeting specific fish species, ensuring an enriching and successful fishing adventure in Tennessee's abundant waters.


Is Tennessee known for fishing?

Absolutely! Tennessee is renowned for its exceptional fishing experiences, and Platinum Fishing Guides, led by the expert Captain Ricky, epitomizes the state's fishing prowess. With a focus on premier locations like Lake Guntersville and Lake Chickamauga, anglers are drawn to the thrilling opportunities to catch bass and other prized fish species. Captain Ricky's expertise ensures that Tennessee's reputation for outstanding fishing is not just known but celebrated by those seeking unforgettable angling adventures.

A Platinum Fishing Guides Fishing Charter targets the top Tennessee Fish species including crappies and Bass. We primarily Fish the Guntersville Lake, H Neely Henry Lake, Nickajack Lake, Tennessee River, North Chickamauga Creek, and South Chickamauga Creek.